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The Dagum Texas Fire Conference


Live Oak Professional Firefighters Association

The Dagum Lecture Lineup

Spouses are encouraged to come, together we will build a stronger relationship!

Bassel Ibrahim

Founder of Proactive Rescue Operations, One Bad Day and One Bad Tour

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Robert Ramirez

Founder of Mayday Mindset

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Announcement Coming Soon!

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Announcement Coming Soon!

The Dagum H.O.T. Lineup

Announcement Coming Soon!

The Dagum Mission

Our mission is to provide Firefighter's from around the country the avenue to obtain knowledge from the absolute best minds in the Fire Service. Having an avenue to obtain that knowledge assures that we put a better product on the road for the ones that matter most... THEM! We are committed to the brotherhood, building relationships and networks to better the Fire Service. We believe in hard work and determination. Sweat equity is earned not given. 

How To Help

The Dagum Texas Fire Conference is always looking for great Partners.  If you wish to become a Partner with us, please click the button to the left and lets help each other become better! Together we are stronger! Let's Gooo!

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