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We’re proud to provide a platform for the most influential voices in the Fire Service. Check out our roster of Dagum speakers for the upcoming conference below and read through their bios to get a better sense of what you can expect from their sessions. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to reach out.


Get to Know Them

Andrew Starnes.jpg

Chief Andrew Starnes

Instructor Andy Starnes is a lifelong student of the fire service and has been involved with the fire service as a volunteer since 1992 and as a career firefighter since 1998. He is a fire service website contributor on the topics of thermal imaging, fire behavior, leadership, behavioral health, and faith-based devotions. He also is the founder of Bringing Back Brotherhood, a nonprofit organization designed to encourage and provide guidance for firefighters in the area of behavioral health, counseling, and more. He is passionate about Fire Behavior and assisting in instructing others on understanding the complex terminology of modern fire behavior on a regular basis.

He has been featured on numerous podcasts and presented tactical thermal imaging courses at numerous fire service conferences across the US, Germany, and Canada. He has trained and/or assisted departments with Thermal Imaging Training in all 50 states and 16 other countries. Insight Training’s Thermal Imaging Curriculum is in use in Canada as an integral part of their From Knowledge to Practice Fire Dynamics Program. Insight Training LLC instructor cadre are fire service veterans and are Level 1 Thermography Industrial Certified from Infrared Training Center and we are a vetted craftsman for Project Kill the Flashover (an applied fire science research organization).

Andy currently serves as a Battalion Chief in a large career department in NC, is Level II Thermography Certified and provides training internationally. He consults manufacturers and assists with product development. Insight Training LLC developed the first thermography-based firefighter certification credentialed through Infrared Training Center.

Chief Starnes Class "The Ultimate House Fire: Yours!" is a program that focuses on highlighting the behavioral health concerns of first responders and family struggles. This program covers the issues first responders face, statistical data, and many personal testimonies that are shared. It is a program designed to awaken the heart and save firefighters lives, marriages, and their families.

Blake Family.jpg

Blake Stinnett

Blake Stinnett is someone who is extremely passionate about the fire service. He has a true love for fire-ground operations and a great  passion for training and honing his skills for the job. Blake currently  works for the City of Sandy Springs Fire as a Firefighter/Paramedic,  where he is assigned to their technical rescue house. Blake is also the Founder/Director of Next Rung. Next Rung is a nonprofit that exist to tackle the mental health issues of firefighters and first responders by connecting them to the proper resources. Blake wanted to make a difference in the lives of those he served beside. While Next Rung was initially created as an apparel company where a portion of the profits would be donated to a charity, that goal quickly changed. It went from being an apparel company to being an organization that would serve firefighters and first responders in their battle against mental health issues. Blake has a background in ministry, working with families and students. However, growing up with a father who was a firefighter, he knew that this profession and brotherhood was something special. After 8 years in full-time ministry, Blake changed gears and started his career as a firefighter in 2015. Blake lives in Covington, Ga with his beautiful wife (Natalie) and two precious children (Layleigh and Jack). His ultimate hope is to serve and make a difference. He set out with a goal to change the life of one person but hopes to change and help save the lives of thousands of firefighters and first responders across the United States. Blake believes that Next Rung can do this and that they will make waves in the Fire and First Responder community.


The Art of Taking Action:

 Have you ever seen or been in a position where something needed to happen, but no one was doing anything about it? Taking action doesn't have to be done by someone in a leadership role. Titles don't give you rights and being without a title doesn't give you an excuse.  Action should be taken at every level and by those who are willing to make a difference for the betterment of those around them.

DORVAL 1.heic

Raymen Dorival

Firefighter Lafontant Dorival is one of the most motivating individuals you have ever met. A 15-year member of the fire service that bleeds passion and pride as he speaks and motivates. He works for the seventh largest fire department in the nation, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue. He is bid into one of the busiest fire houses in Miami-Dade County, firehouse seven. Certified in various aspects of the job such as firefighter/paramedic, technical rescue technician, engineer, and aerial operator. Dorival is also a level 2 fire instructor and a live fire training instructor. The founder of, “The Way of The Nozzle, LLC “or TWOTN, which is a back-to-basics class in engine operations. TWOTN was created for the soul purpose of enacting change in the fire service. Doubles down on abandoned past practices old timers before us applied and perfected. The focus is on nozzle operator mechanics, nozzle/hose line packages, deployment practices and getting the line in place to make an aggressive push to the seat of the fire. TWOTN preaches moving while flowing and getting the water where it needs to be. A unique emphasis is placed on the doorman, which details the experienced based skills necessary to be a proficient member at the door, while moving a charged hose line and controlling the door. Firefighter Dorival is a dedicated husband and a proud father. He has been with his wife (Alexandria) for 16 years. His wife is a grade school teacher who teaches 1st grade. He is an engaging father of four sons (D’Andre, Josiah, Jabari, and Jermaine) who all love basketball and spending time with their cousins.

Inspiration Isn’t Enough:

A book being authored by Lafontant Dorival soon to be published.

“I’m reminded about my inspiration which made me motivated. I’m reminded about my motivation which made me require discipline.”



A first of many shared stories of my life in black and white. A glimpse of hope, remembrance of pain, and the little victories of life that make the journey worth it. My path to the fire service allowed me to see that I needed more than inspiration to reach my goal. The dream, the message, and the thought may not be clear, but something needs to happen to gain clarity. DO THE WORK!!!

Corley's Family.jpg

Corley & Amanda Moore

Corley and Amanda Moore, soulmates since 1993 and parents to three incredible humans. Corley, a firefighter since 1997, turned Battalion Chief, and Amanda, a successful business owner since 2006. Their eldest daughter is a schoolteacher, the younger daughter a nurse, and their only son, a firefighter. Together Corley and Amanda run Firehouse Vigilance and The Weekly Scrap. You can find them traveling to fire conferences, running their businesses, assisting fire families, and soaking up as much time as they possibly can with their growing family.

“Broken Tools”

Corley and Amanda bring you real life: From unforgettable beautiful moments to times that were rocky at best. The keys to survive and flourish in a firefighter relationship, with a focus on connection and communication. With 26+ years of dedication to each other- Corley and Amanda have made what was once a difficult journey just another steppingstone into living a passionate, loving and fulfilled life together. A marriage that started off with the odds stacked against them and those around them placing bets on when it would end. From raising babies in the fire service to experiencing life as empty nesters, Corley and Amanda consider themselves the luckiest couple in the world. This one-hour session is judgment-free; there are no perfect people and no perfect relationships. You can expect to receive an hour packed full of how to use your broken tools of life in a way that will keep you focused on what matters most.

This Is How We Spread The Good Word!.png

Bearers of the Oath



  Fire Engine Company - Primarily assigned to pumping water and putting out FIRE.

  Truck Company – Primarily assigned to forcible entry, victim rescue, roof ventilation, and controlling the fire should it grow larger.


 That is great if your department has the staffing for those first due initial assignments.  Truth is that every fire service provider should have that luxury of providing their communities with the proper personnel to respond in such a manner that NFPA & ISO dictate and evaluate us on. Not every Fire Department has the correct number of personnel to meet these requirements.   But that does not give us an excuse not to fulfill our obligations to our communities as their protectors. Uncle Don’s Engine Truck school is designed for the minimal staffed Fire Company.  It is a 4-day training that allows each student to work in all aspects of the 5 basic disciplines we are responsible for every time.

-Efficient Tactical Size-up

-Forcible Entry

-Aggressive hose deployment, quick and efficient water on the FIRE.  WATER WILL always win if you are efficient. 

-Immediate Search & Rescue engagement.

-Ground ladders and softening the structure.

Most companies are under the impression that each one of these disciplines require 2-3 firefighters.  WRONG!!!!  It is your responsibility to train and put forth the effort to be successful. Seconds only count if you HONOR your OATH.  You are their Keeper, TRAIN as if you were coming for your own family.  We are not EXCLUSIVE, we are INCLUSIVE!!!! IT’S YOUR JOB, YOUR WORK WILL DEFINE YOUR CHARACTER! The Expectation of a FIREFIGHTER!


Our arrogance is fueled by a passion, a passion for our craft, and expectation from our customers to be ready to answer every call. It is our diligence to be more prepared and mightier than the reason they had to call for our help. If you do not understand this sense of arrogance, we as BEARERS OF THE OATH will not alienate you, we will simply extend our hand to you and ask that you will evaluate yourself and your commitment to the fire service. Therefore, determining if you are that Patriot, or just another able being that does not belong to such a fraternity of FIREMANSHIP!

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